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      FEATURES 特点

      Compact size and light weight 尺寸小,重量轻

      Excellent solderability and heat resistance for either flow or reflow soldering良好的可?#24863;?#21644;耐?#24863;?/font>

      No cross coupling between inductors due to magnetic shield 良好的磁屏蔽抗干扰性

      Low  RDC  and  High  IDC  低直流电阻和高IDC特点


      Cellular platform DC-DC converter circuit(移动设备用DC-DC转换器电路)

      Portable AV equipment (digital camera,DVD Type)便携式AV设备(数码照相机,DVD等)

      Cellular platform(handset Type)移动通讯设备(手机等)

      Memex(computer Type) 信息机器(电脑等)

      Product Identification 产品标识

         MGFL     2520      G     2R2     N       T     -     LF
      ①          ②          ③      ④      ⑤      ⑥           ⑦
      ① Series name系列名称
      ② Dimension产品尺寸 L×W:【2520: 2.5mm×2.0mm】
      ③Material code材料代码
      ④Inductance电感量:【R47=0.47 uH      2R2=2.2uH   】
      ⑤Tolerance of Inductance电感量公差:【  N: ±30%】
      ⑥Packing Style:【 T: Taping编带盘装     B: Bulk散装】
      ⑦ Lead free products无铅产品

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